Dell QLOGIC QLE8262 10GBit Dual Port network card P11VC

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Dell QLOGIC QLE8262 10GBit Dual Port network card P11VC

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Dell QLOGIC QLE8262 10GBit Dual Port network card P11VC


The Dell QLE8262 converged network adapter supports simultaneous LAN (TCP/IP) and SAN (Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), iSCSI)

traffic at line-rate, 10Gbps Ethernet speed. Convergence of traffic lowers data center costs by eliminating the need for separate LAN

and SAN infrastructure. Data centers now need fewer adapter, cables, and switches, which therefore means reduced power and cooling

costs. In addition, these adapters are fully compatible with existing fibre channel and iSCSI storage, providing investment protection

for existing infrastructure


High performance

• 10Gbps per-port maximum throughput for high bandwidth storage

(SaN) and networking (LaN) traffic.

• Full hardware offload for FCoe and iSCSI protocol processing.

This offloading plate preserves CPU cycles, making the converged network

adaptor of ideal for virtualized environments.

• Full support for tCP/IP and ethernet performance enhancements

such as priority-based flow control (802.1Qbb), jumbo frames,.

checksum offloads, and segmentation offloads.


Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

• Simultaneous multi-protocol enables reduction of

reduced hardware, cabling, power, cooling, and management costs through

convergence of data and storage networking.

• Create virtual adapter with guaranteed bandwidth allocations

using unique switch independent of partitioning feature.

• Manage networking, FCoe and iSCSI with a single, unified

management application (GUI and CLI).

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