Dell Battery New PERC H710, H710p, H810m, H730, H830 ,70K80


Dell Battery New PERC H710, H710p, H810m, H730, H830 ,70K80

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Dell Battery New P/N 70K80

Fits : PERC H710, H710p, H810m, H730, H830

This is just the battery without the clip on frame, so you must already have the frame to be able to fit this battery on.

Note: These batteries need 3 charge cycle of at least 10hrs each to reach optimal level, after that it only takes 5 hrs

Grade: New, provided with 90 days warranty, batteries are consumable that are affected by many factors such as Heat/overcharging/faulty controller etc, That's why we only sell them with 90 days warranty.

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70K80, T40JJ
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