2x MOLICEL Li-Ion 3.7V battery 103450 Alternative to CGA103450A ICP-103450-M20A


2x MOLICEL Li-Ion 3.7V battery 103450 Alternative to CGA103450A ICP-103450-M20A

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2x MOLICEL Li-Ion 3.7V battery 103450 Alternative to CGA103450A ICP-103450-M20A

Molicel ICP-03450-M20A

The Molicel ICP-03450-M20A cell has a capacity of 2000mAh, the nominal voltage of 3.7V  This is an excellent cell for anyone seeking high performance prismatic cells alternative for the Panasonic


Details of Molicel ICP-03450-M20A

Typical Capacity: 2000mAh
Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
Charge Current: 2A
Maximum Discharge Current: 4A
Charging Time: 1.5hrs
Charging Method: CC-CV
Charging Voltage: 4.2V
Volumetric Energy Density:414Wh/l
Gravimetric Energy Density: 187Wh/kg

Features: ICP-03450-M20A

1.High Energy Density
2.Excellent Low & High Temperature Perfomance (-30°C ~ 45°C)
3.Highly Safe & Stable
4.Long Cycle Life
5.Great Long Term Storage Characteristics


Shape:                             Prismatic
Can :                                Aluminum
Width (W):                    34 mm (Max)
Height (H):                    50 mm (Max)
Weight:                            42g

    We use these batteries in our cache modules, but to get a good price we have to order a quantity higher than we want, hence we are selling some of them.

    This new Alternative model is cheaper and made by Molicel Taiwan that produces for many well know OEM's

    Sale is for 2 batteries, we may be able to offer a small discount if a larger quantity was needed.

Be aware that there may be limitation in sending this item to your location, please accept if that was not possible and we had to do a cancellation


We may be able to offer Spot welding of 2/3 batteries as long as they aren't complex, cost of material+time means we charge £10 per weld set (if you require such service , send  picture of battery before buying as we may not have meterials to complete the Job)

Welding of solder friendly material is sometimes necessary as the contact may not be easy to solder with just a soldering iron.

Please note that small swirl marks are inevitable the way these are received from abroad, but be assured that these are all new batteries,. besides these batteries are designed for integration and not retail hence not made to look beautifull but rather parctical

Grade: new with 1 YR RTB warranty

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